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At Moxie360 Marketing, we are more than just a digital marketing agency in Texas; we are your dedicated partner in achieving digital success. Our journey began with a passion for helping businesses thrive in the ever-evolving online landscape. With a team of experienced professionals, we have consistently delivered top-notch solutions, whether it’s website management, SEO, content marketing, or any of our comprehensive services. We take pride in understanding your unique needs, collaborating closely, and crafting tailored strategies that empower your brand to reach new heights. Our commitment to your success is unwavering, and we’re here to guide you through the digital realm with expertise, innovation, and the utmost dedication.


At Moxie360 Marketing, our team is comprised of dedicated professionals with diverse expertise and a shared passion for helping businesses succeed. From seasoned marketing strategists to creative content creators and tech-savvy developers, each member brings unique skills and insights to the table. Not only do we staff a great team, we also pull in sub-contractors to fill any shoes we need. We pride ourselves on fostering collaboration, innovation, and excellence in everything we do. Get to know the faces behind our brand and discover how our digital marketing agency in Texas can elevate your digital presence and drive results for your business.

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Trish Hendrickson


My extensive experience in business ownership brings a unique perspective to the marketing and business development arena. It has given me opportunities to expand my knowledge in a wide variety of areas and easily adapt to any situation. Marketing a business and its services during COVID-19 brought on a new set of challenges, which I was able to quickly adapt to, and was prepared to do. Being able to pivot and move when needed is a critical skill needed to survive changing market conditions.

I enjoy working with people and creating relationships with them. As an experienced marketing and business development professional, I have learned that knowing your market begins with first knowing your clients' stories and then producing content relative to those narratives.

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Hi there, I’m Olivia! Originally from Minnesota and I just finished my studies in Game Design with minors in film and animation at George Mason University.

Joining the Moxie360 team has given me the opportunity to combine my love for web design and social media content creation. My goal is to utilize my expertise in graphic design, animation, and web design to craft engaging content and user-friendly websites that sets your business apart.

I’m deeply passionate about creating impactful content that captivate and surprise audiences. Every post and website I produce aims to evoke various emotions, ensuring your business makes a lasting impression on your target audience. I’m thrilled about the chance to collaborate with your business, bringing creative solutions to help you succeed.

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Jeanette Drake is the project manager for Moxie360 Marketing. Jeanette’s 20+ years of military and civilian work experience in leadership and management drive her to accomplish every project with integrity and attention to detail. She holds degrees in Management, Occupational Education, and Human Resource Management.

Jeanette also works closely with local small business owners and understands their important contribution to the economic growth of the community. In her spare time, Jeanette enjoys long-distance running and caring for veterans through a support group she started up in 2023.

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Yes, it's true; our mascot, Remy, can often be found taking his power naps right on the job. But don't worry, we always have another mouse to keep things running smoothly. When Remy is up and about, he's not shy about providing his feedback, often in a very vocal manner. Whether it's reviewing our creative content, offering insights into web development, or even critiquing our marketing plans, Remy has a unique way of making his opinions known.

Outside of the office, Remy leads an active lifestyle. He relishes the great outdoors, frequently joining his dog siblings for invigorating walks. It's during these adventures that he often takes on the role of the "presents" provider, though they may not always be what his mom expects. Despite his on-and-off work ethic, Remy is an essential part of our team, ensuring there's never a dull moment.